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ProForce's staff includes over 16 years in electrical personnel recruiting and office management. Our recruiting staff specializes in administering electrical skilled tests, screening, as well as checking employment references on each applicant.

Our workforce management solutions approach involves a step by step process through which we become acutely attuned to the specific needs of our clients. Since the process is developed and designed with you, the degree to which we become involved is strictly up to you. We present all aspects of the approach so that our client may see all of the benefits ProForce offers.

Our objective at ProForce is to provide staffing solutions that address the unique resource needs of our client. Our consultative approach begins by learning each business segment so that we can become an extension of your recruiting capabilities. By understanding not only your functional needs but also the company's culture, we can more accurately identify candidates that fit the specific needs of each business segment. Our methodology strives to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction in all areas of placement.


have targeted, and succeeded in providing, technically and mechanically skilled employees to a large number of clientele in the construction and manufacturing industry. ProForce is unique in that we only staff and recruit in the electrical and mechanical industry. This specialized staffing provides a matching synergy for our customers and helps to establish a bona fide quality workforce that can be supplied to our valued clients.

Low Price Structure: ProForce's pricing is very competitive. We do not incur corporate overhead or franchise fees, savings we pass along to our clients.


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